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  • "Your insights have deeply challenged me to examine and understand better on numerology, dates and calendars of the Bible"

    — David Y

  • "I was very enlightened and challenged by your message"

    — Dishan R

  • "Ps. Steve book's 30 Days to A New You has helped me to overcome my jealousy which i did not realize I had before..."

    — Guntur Wiyekto

  • "All the answers I needed were explained to me, and now I will look and search for myself and read them again"

    — Jan T

  • "There are only a few people I can listen to forever, and you're one of them! You have a way that is informative and easy to listen to."

    — Jim, USA

  • "Fantastic preaching, biblical and practical"

    — Joyce T

  • "I enjoyed your visit so much. You could have gone on longer! It was useful not only for Buddhism, but for all other religions"

    — Louise
    Visitor to US from Canada

  • "Made me realize that no matter how long I've been a Christian there is no better time then today to start making changes in how I live my Christian life. Thank you Ps Steve"

    — Maria M

  • "I was so blessed by your sermon and powerpoint presentation. It was clear and concise and will help me witness to my Buddhist friends"

    — Naomi, USA

  • "Pastor Steve's sermon taught me more practical ways in spreading jesus' words. While in many times I heard only from I sided point of view - from Christians point of view. but Pastor Steve revealed what buddhists thought of christianity and practical tips on winning their heart and mind"

    — Regina

  • "We check everyday to see if you've posted anything new on here, YouTube or your blog and if not then we replay one and study it some more in conjuction with our own reading, research and church teachings. Not excluding worship of course!! Please pray for us that we may be able to more diligently and effectively spread the Good News. My wife and I thank you and know our Lord speaks through you!"

    — Matthew M

  • "Ps Steve is fantastic in his preaching. He really opened up a whole new perspective of how to reach out to Buddhist. Very informative and useful. Good job!"

    — Shio T

  • "Fantastic sermon! Have been feeling the frustration in evangelism after coming to realisation in recent years that "traditional" methods do not engage unbelievers. Would love to learn more from Ps Steve. We have a passion for the people of China and many are Buddhist"

    — Steph C

  • "Changed my way of thinking when speaking to others about the gospel and being more 'aware' of how things I say may be perceived by non-Christians"

    — Timothy O

  • "Amazing. Gives me an amazing background. Not just to evangelize, also to grow in my faith"

    — Victor A

  • "After sadly straying away for several years, I asked Christ to come back into my life and I am ever more passionate than ever. Now we are learning all that we can to spread the good news! I thank the Lord for showing me the way and for using you, and I thank you for loving our Saviour so passionately and making these videos.I must say it's a pleasure to be able to communicate to you how much you have helped to re-instill Jesus in my life."

    — Matthew M

  • "It gives me confidence to share about Jesus to other people"

    — Rio A

End Times
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End Times
  • Where is God During Personal Tragedies?

    Why do bad things happen to good people? Why do some "exemplary" Christians die of sickness while some unbelievers get healed? If God is a God of Justice, how do we answer such questions?

    Pastor Steve explains that our faith cannot go beyond the question mark “?”. This teaching on tragedy will restore your faith and help you minister to others. Be assured that God sees and knows things we do not know.

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  • Undeniable Proof Messiah is Coming Soon

    The coming of Messiah seems to mean different things to Jews and Christians. Examining Ezekiel 38 and Zechariah 5 in depth, Pastor Steve leads watchers on a discovery of Messiah that few have understood. As signs of Messiah’s coming, very specific judgments are foretold in apocalyptic language.

    What is the Gog Magog war?
    What is the mysterious ‘flying scroll’?
    How soon can we expect the Messiah to deliver His own Jewish people?

    Find out answers to these questions and much more. Be astounded by how accurate the Word of God is! Truly we are living in exciting times! There is now an urgency for Jews and Gentiles to discover the Messiah before it’s too late.

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  • Undeniable Proof The Bible Prophecy is Real

    Spiritual seekers want to know if the Bible is true and accurate. Here now is undeniable proof from recent scientific discoveries and fulfillments of prophecy. If the Bible is truly God’s Word, then waste no time to read it, believe it, and live it!

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  • Daniel's Vision Explains The Immigration Crisis

    The sudden rise of ISIS has been followed by a mass migration of Muslim refugees into Europe. Prophecy watchers realise these events coincide with the tetrad or 4 blood moons falling on God’s holy days. Conflicting opinions call this news a humanitarian crisis, illegal immigration, or unwelcome invasion. What does the Bible say about it? Can you trust the mainstream media?

    Pastor Steve puts the immigration crisis in the context of 3 backdrops:
    1) the timing of the solar eclipse at the end of Schmittah, signifying an omen to the Gentiles;
    2) the history of Europe;
    3) the predictions of Daniel.

    Never before have the visions of Daniel been so easy to understand. Prophecies are literally happening right now before our very eyes. Watch this video teaching and you will become Biblically informed about the immigration issue, its implication on policy making and how near the Kingdom of God may be!

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  • The End Time Principle of Harvest

    This MP4 is part 1 of the End Times Series.

    Prophecy both excites and scares people. Are the Bible's predictions of the future relevant today? What are the signs we may be living in the last days? Is the world system coming to an end or is this merely religious scare mongering? Will Christians be raptured? Who is or are the Anti-Christ(s)?...

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