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  • "Your insights have deeply challenged me to examine and understand better on numerology, dates and calendars of the Bible"

    — David Y

  • "I was very enlightened and challenged by your message"

    — Dishan R

  • "Ps. Steve book's 30 Days to A New You has helped me to overcome my jealousy which i did not realize I had before..."

    — Guntur W

  • "All the answers I needed were explained to me, and now I will look and search for myself and read them again"

    — Jan T

  • "There are only a few people I can listen to forever, and you're one of them! You have a way that is informative and easy to listen to."

    — Jim, USA

  • "Fantastic preaching, biblical and practical"

    — Joyce T

  • "I enjoyed your visit so much. You could have gone on longer! It was useful not only for Buddhism, but for all other religions"

    — Louise
    Visitor to US from Canada

  • "Made me realize that no matter how long I've been a Christian there is no better time then today to start making changes in how I live my Christian life. Thank you Ps Steve"

    — Maria M

  • "We check everyday to see if you've posted anything new on here, YouTube or your blog and if not then we replay one and study it some more in conjuction with our own reading, research and church teachings. Not excluding worship of course!! Please pray for us that we may be able to more diligently and effectively spread the Good News. My wife and I thank you and know our Lord speaks through you!"

    — Matthew M

  • "After sadly straying away for several years, I asked Christ to come back into my life and I am ever more passionate than ever. Now we are learning all that we can to spread the good news! I thank the Lord for showing me the way and for using you, and I thank you for loving our Saviour so passionately and making these videos.I must say it's a pleasure to be able to communicate to you how much you have helped to re-instill Jesus in my life."

    — Matthew M

  • "I was so blessed by your sermon and powerpoint presentation. It was clear and concise and will help me witness to my Buddhist friends"

    — Naomi, USA

  • "Pastor Steve's sermon taught me more practical ways in spreading jesus' words. While in many times I heard only from I sided point of view - from Christians point of view. but Pastor Steve revealed what buddhists thought of christianity and practical tips on winning their heart and mind"

    — Regina

  • "It gives me confidence to share about Jesus to other people"

    — Rio A

  • "Ps Steve is fantastic in his preaching. He really opened up a whole new perspective of how to reach out to Buddhist. Very informative and useful. Good job!"

    — Shio T

  • "Fantastic sermon! Have been feeling the frustration in evangelism after coming to realisation in recent years that "traditional" methods do not engage unbelievers. Would love to learn more from Ps Steve. We have a passion for the people of China and many are Buddhist"

    — Steph C

  • "Changed my way of thinking when speaking to others about the gospel and being more 'aware' of how things I say may be perceived by non-Christians"

    — Timothy O

  • "Amazing. Gives me an amazing background. Not just to evangelize, also to grow in my faith"

    — Victor A

  • "Merry Christmas Pastor Steve! I thank You from the bottom of my heart for sharing the things God has shown you. You are so good at making intelligent things easy to understand! I’m praying for you success with a new social media platform."

    — Troy T

  • "Thank you Pastor Steve. I have been watching you for some time now. You have been such a blessing for me. Thank you also for telling the truth about what is happening. I have been extremely frustrated with many of the churches who couldn't see what was happening and who didn't warn folks the way that they should have. So glad to see that Jim and Tammy Bakker are having you on their platform and allowing your message to spread to their followers."

    — Sherrill P

  • "First of all thank you so much for you ministry Over the last month I have had so much benefit, teaching, correction and understanding come from the YouTube videos that are available because of your ministry. My prayer life and relationship with God has increased because of Pastor Steve's teachings on praying in tounges and I am starting to see daily changes because of it. I had been confused about some aspects of my faith and have found new boldness and purpose through having those things made clear by Pastor Steve's teachings which he backs with relevant Scriptures. Again I am so thankful. Praise the Lord for your ministry! May the Lord bless you and keep you. I will keep you in my prayers."

    — Rhys C

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From Buddha to Jesus
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Also available as iBook and e-Book

"From Buddha to Jesus is a clear exposition of both Buddha’s search for truth and the foundations of Buddhist culture. It then gives an account of how the Good News of Jesus can fulfil Buddhist law, and deliver people from the drive of endless perfectionism. A totally thought-provoking work!" 
Rod Plummer (Senior Pastor of Jesus Lifehouse Tokyo)

Oswald Chambers said, …it is not sufficient to say, “Because God says it,” or, “Because the Bible says it,” a man not born again, he will pay no attention to you because he does not stand on the same platform. You have to find a provisional platform on which he can stand with you." 

Steve’s book “From Buddha to Jesus” is the best tool that I have found to find a common platform with Buddhists. Although the book is primarily focused on Thai Buddhism, the principles in the book can be used with Buddhists in Japan and with Buddhists in other countries. I highly recommend it!
Rev. Daniel Kikawa (President of Aloha Ke Akua Ministries, Pastor of Hilo Missionary Church,                         author and producer of the award-winning films of "God's Fingerprints in Japan 1 & 2")

"One of the books that I really read from cover to cover. I bought 10 copies and distributed them to my friends. I was once a Buddhist and this book really opened up my eyes. It is a must read for all Buddhists, Eastern religion followers or even Christians who are looking for a way to reach out to these groups of people. Steve Cioccolanti was able to put things in the right manner and has written in a balanced and non offensive way. This book rocks!"
Daniel Hendrata (TV Host, Chairman & Co-Founder of Anugrah Ministries)

"Your book on Buddhism is enlightening and I can totally identify with the people that you have written about. I used to join my father to dabble in Black Magic. I know what witchcraft can do. I have totally renounced them as evil and works of the devil. So, I am glad to listen to your sharing of your experience and glad to have bought your book."
Elder Wong Foo Mun (Director of Missions of Synod Office - The Presbyterian Church in Singapore)

"In his well-written and researched book 'From Buddha to Jesus' Steve has placed a valuable witnessing tool in the hands of the local church."
Col Stringer (Best-selling author)

"This book has many great insights in it... I would use it for our Bible College students."
Wayne Cordeiro (Pastor of New Hope, a 10,000+ member church)

"This book is a useful tool to reach not only Buddhists with the truth but many others confused in the plethora of religions."
Tom Inglis (President of Psalmody, former worship leader of RBC South Africa)

"Steve has done us all a service in making the essence of Buddhism accessible to us. This book will be an increasingly important resource...."
Allan Meyer (Pastor of Careforce Church)

"We didn't realize ... there are so many teachings of Buddhism that could actually assist us in presenting to Buddhists their need of Jesus as Savior."
Tony & Patsy Cameneti (Directors of RHEMA Australia)

Steve Cioccolanti, BA, M.Ed., is a Christian author, a prolific teacher of God's Word and pastor of an international church in Australia. Born in Thailand to a family of Catholics, Buddhists, Methodists, and Muslims, Steve has a unique perspective on evangelism, missions, and world religions. Having traveled to more than 30 countries, he has ministered in local churches, crusades, leadership seminars, missionary conferences, Bible schools and on TV and radio. He is known for his teachings on end times, evangelism, financial wisdom, and health & supernatural healing. Now you can gain from his experience in 222 pages of amazing insights into Buddhist culture & Eastern thinking.

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