Fun Facts About Pastor

We asked Pastor Steve the questions you've always wanted to ask. Get to know a different side of our pastor!

  1. Cat or dog?
    Dog, always grown up with a dog. We have a great well-trained dog now.
  2. Beach or Mountain vacation?
    Beach in summer and snow-capped mountain in winter.
  3. Star Wars or Star Trek?
    Star Wars... though I liked Captain James T Kirk and Spock in the original Star Trek series. Both are classics.
  4. Mac or PC?
  5. Western or Eastern food?
    Fusion. What about Middle Eastern and African? I like Turkish and Ethiopian food, too.
  6. Republican or Democrat?
    I'm Australian. I prefer leaders that respect Christian values and put family first.
  7. How did you meet your wife?
    In a church, the best place to meet a godly person!
  8. Who is your favorite preacher?
    That's tough to name. I like the old-timers because they've stood the test of time. But of those who are alive, I love the ministry of Pastor Wayne Cordeiro and Bishop TD Jakes.
  9. What did you want to be when you were a kid?
    An airplane pilot, then a lawyer. Now I fly a lot and talk a lot. So dreams can come true!
  10. Favorite passage in the Bible?
    Mark 16:15-18