Bible Reading Plan (Life Journal)

Why should we read the Bible?

What most christians fail to realize today is that the Bible contains necessary guidelines for us, christians, on how to live a victorious life without the need to go through unnecessary pains and sufferings. These instructions are not simply referring to a collection of rules of dos and donts, instead they give us insight into a real life experiences of the heroes/characters in the Bible which we can observe thoroughly, so that we can learn something out of it. The number one reason many christians don't read their Bible is not because they do not know what the Bible is for them, but they simply do not have time to read the Bible! In other words, most christians today are not well equipped on how to develop a habit of feeding themselves daily from the word of God which is the Bible.

How to get started in reading the Bible?

If we never spend time reading the Bible before and then we somehow decide to start reading the Bible then it is advisable that we do not start reading the whole book of the Bible at once.Instead, we should have a daily program where we read 3 to 4 chapters of the Bible in which this will take about 20 minutes a day!

We have been running this program which we call a "daily life journal" for nearly 10 years, and countless times have we heard testimonies after testimonies from our church members on how God had transformed their life significantly. Not only this program has encouraged us to get to know God better through His word (the Bible), but we also have the opportunity to strengthen the bond of relationship with each other through spending time in sharing our life journal. If you are a social person then you can also invite some of your christian friends to do it together!

Start discovering this exciting truth yourself today! if you do not currently have any Bible reading plan then you can download it here. To get a further understanding on how this Life journal program works, we have recorded an hour of this teaching into CD which you can get it directly from our online store here or you can also choose to download it in MP3 format here

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